With July temperatures hovering in the 90s, you may be wishing you had a sparkling, blue oasis of cool water to dive into. Whether you’re considering building a pool at your current home or purchasing a home with a pool, there are a number of important factors to consider.

A swimming pool can add to the value of your home. But it can also be a maintenance headache and upkeep can keep you running to the bank. There’s no doubt that a swimming pool is an attractive water feature – get the facts and decide if you’re ready to dive in!

Here’s what Homeadvisor.com has to say about adding a pool:

Pool – The initial cost of installing a concrete pool is between $50,000 and $100,000. Over a 10-year period, you can expect to pay almost $30,000in repairs and maintenance.

Spas – A hot tub can add $5,000.00 to $8,000.00 to your base price.

Slides – May cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on design and manufacture as well as features such as jets.

Rocks – Available in natural stone and artificial stone, the cost depends on the type and configuration you want.

Lighting – Incandescent and LEDs average $75.00 to $100.00 each for a 50-watt light, but higher wattage lights are available.

Waterfalls – Expect to add around $1,000 to your cost for a simple waterfall.

Diving Boards – A fiberglass model may cost $300 to $600 or expect to pay $1,000 for a high-end aluminum one. 

Decks – The more elaborate your design and materials used, the more it will add to your cost.

Plants – If landscaping needs to be changed — such as trees, boulders, or sloping —that will add to the cost by varying amounts.

Fences- The average cost for a swimming pool fence is $15 to $19 per linear foot.  Gates cost about $325 each. 

Permits – An in-ground pool is considered a permanent addition to your home and will require permits as well as making sure there are no power or sewage lines beneath the spot you want to dig. 

Resale Value – In warmer climes, a pool is considered a plus to your property and can increase the resale value. 

Property Taxes – A pool can increase your property taxes. This increase depends on your state and municipal codes.

Maintenance – A service can cost around $500 per season while doing it yourself usually costs around that much per year. 

Want to take the plunge? We’ll be happy to recommend a pool contractor or tell you about properties we have for sale that include pools or are close to country clubs or fitness facilities with pools. Contact us today!