January has arrived and it’s the perfect time to winterize your home – even in this unpredictable Alabama winter. Here’s a few tips to help you stay safe, warm and save money this winter.

Protect Your Pipes
In the case we experience a deep freeze, you’ll need to protect your pipes from bursting. Protect pipes via easy to install installations that a fraction of the cost of replacing plumbing.

Time to Weatherproof
Weatherproofing doors and windows will prevent cold air from entering your home or heat from escaping it, which will reduce your power bills. Consider installing a storm door, door sweep, and weatherstripping your doors and windows.

Check your Fireplace
Animal nests or creosote buildup in your fireplace can be hazardous. Have an annual inspection before building your first fire of the season. 

Block the Cold
Caulk around windows and use foam outlet protectors to prevent cold air from entering your home. However, the majority of heat loss typically occurs via openings in the attic. Check to make sure that you have enough insulation.

Change Your Thermostat
Have you switched out your thermostat to a programmable version? If not, add this one to your list. A programmable thermostat lets you customize your heating so the system doesn’t run when you don’t need it. You can program the thermostat for one temperature when you’re at home and another when you’re away.

Protect Your Plants
You’ll need to bring plants and flowering trees inside before the first cold snap. Typically, you should bring your plants in before temperatures dip below 45 degrees. Bonus: Plants are natural filters for the air in your home.