Seven Home Staging Tips

When putting your home on the market a few tips are key: de-personalize the space, get rid of clutter, clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Find out how to stage where it counts with these tips.

1| Fireplace stick out like a sore thumb? Tone it down with a coat of fresh, neutral paint. Use a rag or brush to rub a light coat of paint on the bricks, one at a time. And, if you use a paint color that matches the walls, your fireplace will go from sticking out to standing out.

2| Add some drama to your hardwood flooring. Cut out damaged boards and replace them with new pieces, sand them down to make the floor even, then slap on a coat of dark stain to finish the job.

3| Buyers love built-in bookshelves but there’s a fine line between filling them with clutter and staging them to sell. The trick is to arrange neutral items in clusters that show off your built-ins. Make sure no single item stands out and let your bookshelves shine.

4| Natural light can transform a home from dull and drab to light and airy. Open up your window shades to let some light in. Make sure your windows are sparkling clean before you pull back the curtains and/or open up the blinds to let the light shine in!

5| Stage your rooms with one purpose in mind. Buyers can get easily confused so make sure to clear away clutter and excess furniture that could be confusing. Have a room that’s perfect for someone that works from home? Make sure to stage it as a home office with neutral tones, a desk and anything else that inspires. 

6| Don’t forget that storage sells! Buyers love homes that have extra space and will pay a premium for it. Clean out your closets, organize your shelves and make that storage space sing! Plus its motivation to get you packing.

7| Ever heard of feng-shui? It’s important that your rooms have a nice flow. Potential buyers want to feel like they can move freely through a home and as if they belong. You can create circulation by replacing square or rectangular dining tables with round ones. Cutting the corners adds room to your home and creates a spinoff effect that adds flow to your home.

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